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How to restrain your dog in the car - The Detroit News
I've written before that harnesses , crates and other products that truly protect pets are hard to come by. Check out the crash-test videos and recommendations on the website of the Center for Pet Safety. Harnesses , leashes and crates can break apart.

The Anointed Ones: The 10 Greatest Athletes of the Future - GQ Magazine
Either you have a Beckham JR 13 jersey in your closet right now, or you give your dog a Beckham JR 13 doll to thrash on Sundays. He's a dashing, fiery superhero who gives Donnie from Metuchen funny feelings he doesn't understand, or he's a preening&nbsp.

Action Camera Showdown: GoPro vs Smartphones
While everyone fancies themselves a potential X-Games contestant when they strap a camera to their face, not everyone requires the durability that the sport-friendly action ... skateboard decks, or dog harnesses let people record the more mundane parts.

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“You want to be able to get them into and out of the car easily.” On the next couple of slides, we'll look at some of the other things you should consider when buying a dog -friendly car; then we'll look at 11 of the best vehicles available for you and.

Winter sport of skijoring gains popularity - Park Rapids Enterprise
The skier wears a skijoring harness around their hips while the dog wears a sled dog harness . According to Walther, the pull is going to be on the chest of the dog . A traditional harness is going to put too much restriction around the dog's waist and.

Dogs pulling bikes: Bikejoring becomes passion of Surry kennel - Bangor Daily News
He laughed while Muddy thrashed in the snow, joined by the second husky, Mia. Biking while being pulled by dogs , or bikejoring, can be a serious racing sport , or it can just be fun way for dogs — and people — to “get their wiggles out,” Owen's.

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If you have a larger, athletic dog , and you like to cross country ski, try the Norwegian sport of skijoring. The dog wears a sled dog harness connected by a length of rope attached to a harness worn by a person. A dog who loves to run can assist you by.

Introducing Clickit Terrain Car Safety Harness for Dogs - PR Web (press release)
Sleepypod's Clickit harnesses have led their category in safety. The Clickit Utility model earned Top Performer honors in a 2013 collaborative Harness Crashworthiness Study by the Center for Pet Safety and Subaru of America. The Clickit Sport harness &nbsp.

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A slide-out ramp makes it easy to get dogs in and out of the cargo bay, and clip-on harness hooks keep them safe while the vehicle is moving. An integrated shower and dryer make sure they don't track dirt into the cargo bay, although the leather.

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“Most owners will need to train their dogs to accept it and to be comfortable being strapped in,” says Natasha Audy of Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada, whose 13-month-old German shepherd, Richochet, wears a Sleepypod Clickit Sport harness . 6.

Dog skijoring returns to Frisco Nordic Center with 3 beginner clinics - Summit Daily News
The sport originated in Scandinavia several hundred years ago and is quickly gaining popularity in the United States, from dog skijoring in Frisco to horse skijoring competitions in Minturn and Leadville. "The bond between dog and human companion is.

Dog sparks North Carolina baseball's rally past Michigan in NCAAs - Detroit Free Press
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Baseball old-timers like to say one of the sport's charms is you're likely to see something happen you never saw before in a game. That axiom was validated in the NCAA Chapel Hill Regional when North Carolina's “rally dog ” ran onto&nbsp.

5 Reasons Your Dog Should Always Be in a Safety Harness or Secured Carrier in the Car -
override the airbag if the passenger is under a certain weight. If your car doesn't, be sure to manually turn off the airbag when your dog rides in a harness on the passenger seat. If you can't turn the airbag off, keep your dog safely restrained.

Otis the dog suffers horrific gash and 'life-threatening infection' after his harness was left on for three weeks by ... - The Sun
Horrific gash left on pug's neck after ' harness left on for three weeks by dog minder' Metro.