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AKC Registered Lab PuppiesPuppies and Dogs For Sale Pets Classified Ad
High quality English Labrador retriever puppies AKC registered, females. Registered, parents have passed all health clearances (hip and elbow X-rays, Eyes tested). Father was the 2015 Stud dog of the year. $750.00. Contact Gary Boyett 256-653-4001.

Make sure you aren't breaking the law: take your pet to the vet -
November 8th marks the tenth anniversary of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which brought in significant new legal responsibilities for pet owners. A report to be published later this month – the PDSA Animal Welfare 2016 report – contains a depressing.

There's Been a Decline in the Quality of Dog Sperm—and It Might Be a Concern for Humans - AlterNet
Interestingly, an increased incidence of cryptorchidism, has been reported in the human and we found the same in male pups generated from the stud dogs with declining semen quality. This is also thought to be related to exposure to pollutants. When all.

Controversy over HCM City dog hunting team
Why do the dogs have to be destroyed? Why can’t they be recorded and get a health check and then handed over to people who want to receive them or sent to animal rescue centres for being taken care of? I think this way is more humane,” said Vo Tan.

'He is good to go': Calgary police dog Jester back to work after being stabbed in head
Jester, a Calgary police dog that touched the hearts of many after being stabbed ... "He went through a number of different tests, multiple veterinarians, health checks, certifications. We really went above and beyond what we needed to do, but we wanted.

'Stud or Dud' app provides background checks in seconds - WSMV Nashville
You're able to get a free background check on someone by simply knowing the person's name, their phone number or their email address. You type that info into the Stud or Dud app, and within seconds, it gives you a list of information, including tax.

Eagle woman's golden retrievers win Westminster awards: 'It's an honor' -
also competed at the Westminster Dog Show three times winning merit awards. "The first time I went it was like check off the bucket lists, really great," said Whipple. ... You also make sure they get proper exercise and are happy and healthy . When.

Can you prevent your dog from biting a child? - The Mercury News
To make your dog bulletproof around children, you need to get him accustomed to how children act and behave. One way to do that is to play “Simon Says.” The child pets the dog every time the adult gives the dog a treat, allowing the dog to get used to.

Crufts winners should be the healthiest dogs, not just the best looking -
Crufts, the largest dog show in the world, has the potential to be a serious force in improving the health of pedigree dogs . In the ideal world, top prizes would only be given to dogs with healthy conformations that had passed all available tests for.

Cypress dog named after JJ Watt wins at Westminster -
No, not THAT J.J. It was a Cypress dog named after J.J. Watt when he was just a rookie, aka puppy. Earlier this week, J.J. won Best ... “If he was to have a girlfriend and maybe have some babies, there'd be a stud fee,” Caroline explained. Imagine that.

Pet subjects: Telegraph vet Pete Wedderburn answers your questions -
You can buy aversive devices (air horns or ultrasonic devices), but these could make things worse, frightening your dog and making the aggressor more excited. A squeaky toy might help, to draw attention away from your pet. Carry an umbrella, ready to.

Forget the Violent Campus Protests—This College Cop Is Gunning for Unlicensed Hot Dog Vendors
Flores has set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for Juan's defense; at last check ... wrapped hot dogs. Cities have a lengthy history of cracking down on bacon dogs even though residents love them. Reason TV covered Los Angeles health officials.