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Photos: Edgewater parrot nests removed from utility poles along the Palisades -
In the spring, the work is timed between the post-winter thaw and the bird's nesting season in April, so that there aren't eggs in the nests when crews take them down. Because the birds are non-native, they're technically considered a "potentially.

Is Eagle Rock the New Abode for Wild Parrots? -
He adds: β€œOr it could just be a particularly good couple years for parrot breeding in the wild, leading to large flock sizes that will eventually dwindle back down.” Kimball Garrett, a noted birder who founded the California Parrot Project in 1994 and.

92-Year-Old Stolen Parrot Returned to Family - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
Someone turned in the missing 92-year-old parrot to police after it was stolen three days earlier, according to police in Seagoville. As NBC DFW first reported on Friday, someone took the bright green bird with yellow markings, along with her cage.

Beloved macaws bring harmony, color and beauty to urban chaos of Venezuela's capital - Fox News
Wild parrots that escaped or were released are an increasingly common sight in urban metropolises around the world, from the cherry-headed conures of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill to the thousands of parakeets that have taken residence in London.

Polly-math Parrots Add Sophisticated Reasoning to Their List of Clever Feats - Discover Magazine (blog)
In plain view, she removed one of the treats and allowed the birds to choose cups again. Three of the parrots were able to correctly pick the cup with food at least 70 percent of the time . If the birds were purely guessing, they would have chosen the.

Free as a bird on the wing - The Phuket News
Whilst song birds – particularly the Red-whiskered Bulbul, commonly seen around the island in ornate wooden cages – are popular pets in Southern Thailand, there are also several bird -fancier groups that love parrots of every species. Phuket's central.

The (very many) dogs of Maple Leaf - Maple Leaf Life
would descend on the neighborhood. Over time they have been called parrots , Crimson-fronted parakeets, Red-fronted Conures and Mitred conures . (Aratinga wagleri photo courtesy Dennis Paulson.) β†’ No CommentsTags: birds , scarlet-fronted parakeets&nbsp.

Waxahachie Dog Trainer/Rescuer Facing Animal Cruelty Charge After Dead Animals Found on Property - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
The school's website,, said Justice and her husband Walter live with five English bulldogs, seven German shepherds, four cats, two Moluccan cockatoos, two blue and gold macaws, three African greys, one Quaker parrot , two sun conures &nbsp.

4 parrots taken from petting zoo at Oley Turnpike Dairy - Reading Eagle
a yellow sun conure and two Amazon parrots - were stolen from the petting zoo between Sunday night and Monday morning, Moser said. "They were my babies," she said. The Amazon parrots have green bodies with yellow heads and are a breeding pair,&nbsp.

Replacing Fitchburg swan may not be an easy swim in the pond
FITCHBURG -- Only one swan still floats in Mirror Lake, but getting more of these iconic birds may prove to be a challenge. Following the death of Coggshall Park's only other swan on Oct. 6 -- and amid ... particularly during breeding season, she added.

Chicago's Monk Parakeets: Thriving for 40 Years - Chicagoist
The trees and green spaces maintained by the University of Chicago provided them with the wide diet they prefer and the ability to build their eye-popping nests where as many as 10 pairs of birds can live at a time , allowing them to make it through the.

A home for birds - The Hindu
It is exhilarating to watch the pairs of exotic birds like Conures, Yellow sided Conures, Pineapple Conures, Sun Conures and Blue Conures leap madly inside in their breeding boxes. As we walk around, Nanda Kishore tells us, β€œOne should always blink in&nbsp.

Aurora to take over bird hoarder home cleanup Friday - Chicago Daily Herald
Aurora officials on Wednesday night attempted to serve a court order to Dave Skeberdis, 57, saying they will arrive Friday to remove the birds and clear all pathways of his home on the 200 block of Shadybrook Lane, which is cluttered with bird feed.

West Marine Dog Days of Summer Social Media Contest - Florida Sportsman Magazine
Each week during the contest period we'll select a winning photo and the entrant will receive a $100 West Marine gift card that can be used to outfit your furry friend, your boat or yourself. Contest Dates: Photo entries can be submitted between.

Asiatic lions to roar again at Mysuru zoo - The Hindu
In return, Mysuru zoo will be giving a pair of black swans, two Indian grey wolves and a pair of sun conure birds , she said. The Asiatic lion is listed as an endangered species, surviving only in Gir forest in Gujarat. Sakkarbaug zoo is well known for.