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Which way a dog's tail wag swings can tell a lot, new study says
I don't dispute the research, but what I have is the experience of the last 22 years of studying dogs and training them and as a speaker and I'm reading more than just the tail. "You really have to look for a while to see if the tail is going left or right.

This Abandoned Dog Got an Emergency Midnight Grooming: He ‘Walked Out Wagging His Tail’
“I knew every second counted to help save him before his ears and tail rotted off,” she continued. “Who knows how long he’s been like that? The dog was in severe pain with matting that tight. He could not feel you petting him.” Falla.

Wag The Dog: How Your Pet's Tail Gives Clues To His Mental State
You might think a dog with a wagging tail is always a happy dog, but it might not actually be that simple. New research suggests that dogs react differently to other dogs’ tail wags, depending on if the tail flips primarily to the right or the left side.

Watch for signs of limber tail after a hard day in the marshes
or broken tail. This condition affects the muscle at the base of a dog's tail, which plays an important role in balance and body movement. After a heavy day of work involving a lot of tail action, the tail can become so flaccid the dog is unable to raise it.

Family dog found tail wagging after wine country inferno
She left behind everything, including her beloved 9-year-old Bernese Mountain dog Izzy. "In the chaos of trying to escape, my parents' dog Izzy ran from them," Beckyjean Widen, Kathy's daughter, posted on Facebook. "My mom couldn't chase after her without.

The Tail's The Tell: Dog Wags Can Mean Friend Or Foe
Dogs can pick up emotional cues from another dog by watching the direction of its wagging tail, a new study suggests. In a series of lab experiments, dogs got anxious when they saw an image of a dog wagging its tail to its left side. But when they saw a.

What is your dog really saying with a tail wag?
What's your dog really saying when it wags its tail? According to Italian researchers, dogs not only communicate happiness with a wag, but they also convey anxiety and potential danger. In a study published Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

Animal secrets: dog tail-wagging, sick flies, fish eyelids, cat whiskers, and the loss of songbirds
By Matthew Alice, August 24, 1995 | Read full article You’ll often see a tail wag as a threat before a fight. Image by Rick Geary Dog tail-wagging as sign of happiness We mostly pay attention to human-dog interactions and observe tail wags when the.

Teacher's Pet: How to interpret dogs' tail wags
She was wagging her tail the whole time…” If I had a dog biscuit for every time I’ve heard this ... and is not intended to serve in place of an individualized behavior or training plan.

How your dog's wagging tail can reveal its emotions
Dog owners have long assumed that when their pet’s tail is wagging, it is usually a sign of contentment and happiness. Scientists have discovered, however, that dogs communicate far more information about their emotions to each other with their tails.