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Cheshunt's Cedars Nature Centre opens with meerkats, snakes and owls on offer - Hertfordshire Mercury
the only one of its kind on display in Europe. Work is almost complete on the tropical house, which will house a pancake tortoise, three breeds of python including a 30kg, 14ft long Burmese python, armadillos and a tenrec , which looks similar to a.

Isle of Wight Zoo celebrates poo with new museum - Isle of Wight County Press
Visitors will be treated to exhibits including everything from the hedgehog -like Lesser Madagascan Tenrec to lions and even a 38 million year old poo. The freeze-dried displays will be hung from the ceiling. 9 Comments - Join the debate. Advertisement.

Kia's 'hedgehog' B-SUV makes its UK debut
Hence I will never look at a Stonic again without thinking 'hedgehog' but it would not be a bad nickname for a cute little car that is Kia's first lob into the growing B-SUV segment. Here, competition is tough and Kia UK sees the pioneering Nissan Juke and.

College students and a variety of animals make move to new base in Shipley College building in Saltaire - Bradford Telegraph and Argus
Some of the creatures that have made the move include snakes, hedgehog like tenrecs , a bearded dragon and turtles. And the building's ... The Mill Building will be home to level 2-3 Animal Management students and level 2-3 Equine Horse Care students.

Fundraiser to be held to raise much needed funds for a local hedgehog sanctuary
at the Oaklands Hall Hotel in a bid to raise much needed funds and spread awareness about Charlie's Hedgehog Care, a sanctuary run out of the home of Kerry and Barry Last in Holton-le-Clay that aims to take care of sick and injured hedgehogs. Organised by.

Ashton Care Home visit local farm!
I am delighted that everyone enjoyed themselves.” HC-One is also celebrating achieving a 9.4 average rating on the sector’s leading care home comparison website carehome.co.uk. The high rating puts HC-One homes into the very best company in the care.

Woman's life changed after rescuing hedgehog - now she's nursed more than 500 back to health
She learnt about the care and ­rehab of hedgehogs – then she set up a hospital. Now she runs Pricklebums Hedgehog Rescue from her home in Ludlow, Shropshire. Thrillingly, it won the Unexpected category in Cuprinol and Channel 4 ’s Shed of the Year.

Baby Tenrecs joy for Telford exotic zoo - shropshirestar.com
Scott Adams, for the Exotic Zoo, said: "The male Tenrec came to Exotic Zoo about two years ago from another zoo. The hunt for a mate followed and a suitable female came to us at the end of last year. " Tenrecs are unusual and not found in many of UK.

Chester Zoo's new arrivals are spiked like a hedgehog, striped like a bee - ChesterChronicle.co.uk
See the latest curious creatures at Chester Zoo Daily Post North Wales.

Animals populated Madagascar by rafting there - Science Daily (press release)
Only small species such as lemurs, the island's signature species; hedgehog -like tenrecs ; rodents; mongoose-like carnivores; and similar animals populate the island. The animals of Madagascar also appear to have arrived in occasional bursts of.

Hedgehogs are ‘facing extinction in the UK’ and it’s our fault
You don’t have to be the sort of person that chains themselves to trees in their spare time to care ... through the UK. Now they number fewer than a million. Various measures have been introduced in an effort to revive the dwindling hedgehog.

Peace and Loaf Sunday lunch - what did our reviewer make of the Jesmond restaurant?
I figured if they took the care to regularly whip out big ladders and clean them ... A huge variety of vegetables arrived with crunchy roasties in the shape of small hedgehogs being particularly tasty. The beef comes pink unless you request otherwise.

How a 'feral' Hong Kong schoolgirl overcame fur allergy to work with exotic animals - and gave up Hollywood acting ... - South China Morning Post
Right now, in my house, I have 200 giant African land snails, two rescued guinea pigs, a hamster that was found on Hampstead Heath in a dog's mouth, two snakes, three Madagascan Lesser hedgehog tenrecs , two centipedes and a couple of geckos.

Uncaging the Charity Commission - Open Democracy
One worthy example is the National Exotic Hedgehog Rescue Service (“We specialize in African Pygmy Hedgehogs , Long-eared Hedgehogs , Lesser Tenrecs , Greater Tenrecs and Common Tenrecs , although we will take in any spiny/prickly creature”). The Charity.

It's not a hedgehog, its a lowland streaked tenrec
Say hello to a pretty unusual creature. This may look like a cross between a mouse and a hedgehog, but it's actually a lowland streaked tenrec.