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A Game of Tug is The Best Training Reward I’ve Found
Some dogs would much rather play than have a bite of kibble. I rarely leave the house these days without a tug toy – it’s become my favorite training tool. There is a growing acceptance among scientists that play is very, very important and the type.

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How Much Water Does Your Pet Need? DIY dog toy made from fleece. Made 2 scoubiedou tug ropes and combined them into a 2D ball. Effect Of Training In The Dog Brain Infographic: Everyone suffers from boredom from time to time. It's only natural for dogs to.

Playing Tug of War with Your Dog
of tug before and after their competition or training session. The fun of the game of tug is just as much a reward for these dogs as a treat is for other dogs. Your dog needs to know how to give up a toy before you start tug games. After all, if your.

Former shelter dogs get a chance to help search and rescue teams
Dogs train for eight to 10 months at a center in California. It begins simply, with the dogs being taught to find a toy ... or tug before, but now they're being told it's good. It's the best to see them just get so excited about the job." As the training.

Ask the dog trainer-- teach your dog to play a friendly game of tug
My go-to answer is "teach them how to play tug." Tug is a game that needs ... No matter what toy you choose, the rules are simple but need to be enforced just like any training. The dog must sit and wait for you to say "get it!" before he grabs the toy.

Teaching Your Dog to Release a Toy During Play
Dogs tug on toys because it’s fun and you’re tugging back. When you wave, toss or tug on a toy with your dog, it’s a super fun game. When you stop moving the toy, this should tell your dog to release the toy. When the toy stops moving, it’s no.

How to Calm Your Dog by Playing Tug
as your dog will be thinking about playing and not thinking about training. This time hold the tug toy closer to your dog and wait to use your clicker until your dog actually touches the toy with his nose or puts his mouth on the toy. It's okay to hold the.

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Got a dog who isn't into playing with toys? Wish he was? Have a little dog with a need for toys made just for him? Aug. 26, 2008 - PRLog-- Mighty Mite Dog Gear specializes in hard to find and unique dog toy ideas. Whether you are looking to play train your.