Unneutered German Shepherd Dog Behavior


18 of the Easiest Dog Breeds to Train
The United States Australian Shepherd Association reports these dogs are highly trainable and “easily housebroken because they are intelligent and eager to please.” But you’ll need to channel your dog’s energy to keep his behavior under control.

Local dog business focuses on positive reinforcement, training in pet’s environment
Denise Guy knows exactly when she became a dog trainer. “I was 7 years old and I was walking home with my twin sister,” she recalled. “This big German Shepherd charged at ... help owners deal with aggressive behavior – aggressive behavior with.

Can dogs smell rattlesnakes?
DEAR OLD TRAINER: We have a 2-year old Bernese Mountain Dog named Henry. We just moved to San Pedro ... and Jenny a 10-year-old German Shepherd. Jenny has always eaten grass, but now Lucy and Billie are doing it too. They always do it at the same spot.

10 hero animals who saved their owners’ lives
Niesel realized something was wrong from the bird’s unusual behavior, and was able to get out of ... fire but managed to flee to safety with both Baby and their pet dog. Shana, a German Shepherd and wolf mix, saved her elderly owners Eve and Norman.

Tails wag and moods lighten
Every Friday, Burlingame resident Bruce Thompson throws a black leash around the neck of his 7-year-old German shepherd named Sadie and the ... a test that is considered the gold standard for dog behavior — testing a dog’s ability to handle other.

Five military dogs receive Medal of Courage
A dog handler praises his dog for good behavior. Five service dogs were awarded Wednesday ... Marines awarded medals to five retired military dogs — four Labrador retrievers and a German shepherd — for serving “with distinction” in Afghanistan.

International Dogsitting: What It’s Like to Dogsit Abroad in Exchange for Free Accommodations
So far, I’ve had the pleasure of petsitting dogs in three European countries. I’m currently enjoying 7 weeks rent free in a quaint Italian hamlet in the heart of Tuscany. It’s all thanks to Ivy the German Shepherd ... of them have behavior issues.

Rwanda: Inside Kigali's Exclusive Club for Dog Lovers
Because her mother wasn't a big fan of dogs, the family went without one after Simba's death. "I only acquired another dog five months ago. Its name is Woody, a unique name that I got from my favorite cartoon -The Toys. It's a German shepherd that someone.

Demand Officials Revoke Gun License From Man Who Shot and Killed a Puppy in His Yard
Two dogs, Walle and a German Shepherd puppy, Zeke, got out of the house to go exploring ... The man did not choose the obvious and reasonable option, if a problem with the dog’s behavior was actually the case – he just reached for the gun.

Lucas County Dogs for Adoption: 10/20
Dogs killed for poor behavior on body-handling and resource-guarding assessments ... 13 by a control officer on Smead Avenue, Toledo. German shepherd, brindle and white male; surrendered Sept. 13 by Nicole Clark, Leonard Street, Toledo.