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In pics: Army dogs to march on Republic Day parade after 26 years - Hindustan Times
He makes sure that he doesn't end up hurting Mafia, a two-year-old German Shepherd trained as an assault dog . Military dogs and their handlers develop intense relationships over time, as they go about encountering the same dangers in the combat zone&nbsp.

Ram Gopal Varma announces his biopic based on NT Rama Rao's life
Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is all set to direct the biopic of NT Rama Rao and the lead role is going to be played by the legendary actor's son, Nandamuri Balakrishna. Varma shared the big news via voice note and said, "NTR is a name to reckon with every.

Pampering your pooch comes at a price
Galoway, who has been a groomer for more than 30 years, says no matter how much the industry changes, she doesn’t see the grooming process being replaced by machines. “They’re experimenting with an automated dog-washer in Europe and from what we can.

Two Bostons Adopt A Rama
In addition to meeting fabulous pets, people will have the opportunity to have their current pets micro chipped by Wheaton Animal Hospital and have an ear cleaning and nail clipping done by Formosa Grooming ... the Big Red Dog. An amazing raffle is.

Kangana Ranaut & Shahid Kapoor's Cold War Hits The Roof As She Compares Him To Hrithik Roshan -
Vishal Bhardwaj's new film 'Rangoon' stars Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in a love triangle against the backdrop of World War II and all everybody is talking about is Shahid and Kangana's intense love making scenes.

The dog-gone life
The humans there love all the dogs, but I think I am their favorite! I get to play with my dog pals, too, so I come home tired. The water park is so refreshing on hot days, and when we play outside it’s on artificial turf so our feet stay cool.

Ram Gopal Varma's Reaction Against Indian Government's Porn Ban Totally Nails It
Democracy just died a sad death in the country. Ram Gopal Varma took to social media to tell the Indian Government what a ridiculous idea it was to ban pornography in the country. He also took to Twitter to say some more. All countries which legalised porn.

Outbreeding won't save the British royal family
As you can see the genetic relevance of relatedness really drops off rapidly in a conventionally outbred population. There isn’t much gain I’d say to Prince William marrying a female who has a greater genetic distance from him. Though the marriage of.

Mihika Varma of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is living the life of a New Yorker
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame actress Mihika Varma is living the life of a New Yorker, after shifting base to the US recently. The actress, who recently tied the knot secretly with her boyfriend, had quit the famous ongoing show in which she played a pivotal.

Nation's ancient horse sense on display at Indian Science Congress - Times of India
Experts from the SVIOR told TOI that the Ashwa Sastra contains everything related to equestrian science ranging from simple grooming of horses to training it for racing, military and defensive techniques. It also elaborates on the quality and selective.

Daddy review: A sober gangster film that has its moment
loses his friend Rama Naik (Rajesh Shringarpure) to a police encounter, he gathers all his trusted acolytes and it’s almost set up as an end of one chapter and beginning of another in his life. A dog-eared book remains open on his table—Munshi.

Bobby Deol Reveals What Really Happened When He Turned DJ In This Brutally Honest Interview -
Last in news for the DJing fiasco that happened at an upscale hotel in Delhi, Bobby Deol found himself at the centre of online ridicule. Clearing the air about the controversy, he told The Huffington Post, “I practically got conned. Some dude.

'Wrote a pretty good bestseller': In a world of desi commercial romantic fiction - Hindustan Times
“If you are a male writing romantic fiction, it will help to look like a Punjabi hunk even if you are not one,” says Top Dog , and he is not even in marketing, he is in editorial. But this is ... Others, less lucky with their gifts, have to work harder.

Dog Days coming to Springfield park
Special to River City News, Springfield Animal Care and Rescue Club will hold its first Dog Days in the ... Pepper Rama Gourmet & Hot Shoppe, Down Under Marina Restaurant, European Street Cafe III, Trim and Prim Grooming & Pets, Springfield Dry Cleaners.

​ Babu the Dumbldore of UP hockey's Hogwarts - Times of India
But, though the government can do much more for the game, the need here is more of commitment to the game, like Babu had. There is a need for a good coach, who visits different parts of the state to spot and nurture talent, to groom players to win. Let.