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Monarchy of the Netherlands
The cycle of monarchs is described in the first section of Chapter 2 of the constitution, which is dedicated to the government of the Netherlands. If the monarch is a minor, a regent is appointed and serves until the monarch comes of age. [Cons 4] [Cons 5.

Social Effectiveness and Symptomatic Behaviors
Symptoms (of hospitalized patients) characterized as (a) self-directed, (b) directed against others, or (c) avoidance of others were related to measures of premorbid social effectiveness. More effective social adjustment was related to (a), which tended.

Techniques for practicing mindfulness and meditation
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Midnight Rambler Explains Dutch Stuff:
In the Dutch language, in particular, it's considered mostly harmless: you're having a cunt day when there's cunt weather outside and the cunt dog ate your cunt homework, which is, as the Dutch say with heartfelt compassion, "cunt for you". Also.

Dancing in the dark: Sarus Festival premiere rained out, rescheduled for tonight
Andrea Trombetta is a performance artist and fabric sculptor performing in this weekend’s Sarus Festival for Site-Specific and Experimental Art, a festival of dance, music, and visual art prepared for specific locations throughout the greater Wilmington.

Because it's filled with love :)
While dogs have plenty of different ways in which they can serve, one of the most visible forms of service from canines comes from policing. dogs handle a lot of different roles and jobs within the police force including.

Knapp, Caroline 1959-2002
The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs, has turned her brilliant eye towards how a woman's appetite'for food, love, work, and pleasure'has become a battlefield. She uses her own experiences with anorexia as a powerful exploration of what can happen.

Vikram Pandit: “We can make Citi the best company in the world, bar none.”
As we approach the close of the second quarter I want to thank all of you for the remarkable efforts you’ve made helping our clients navigate our difficult markets. You should be very proud of how well you are competing to win client trust and business.

Alfred Keller
Alfred Keller (19 September 1882 – 11 February 1974) was a general in the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany during the Second World War who commanded the Luftflotte 1. His career in the Imperial German Armed Forces began in 1897; he became one of the most.