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Family opens dog dock-diving facility to train for national competitions - Akron Beacon Journal
In the short year Duke and Zak have been dock-diving, they've won national titles, gained sponsorships and even built their own training facility inside the Roundup Lake Campground, which opened to the public May 10. Above all, though, they've formed a&nbsp.

Could yaks be the NWT's new cows? -
To add to Zak's identity crisis, Nicholson is hoping to someday breed the yak with cows to make hybrids. Those animals could produce milk that is not regulated like most dairy, meaning the small operation could test the market without having to jump in.

CDPL resources can be 'paw-sitively' helpful - Journal Review
Paul Owens, the trainer on the video , also known as the “Original Dog Whisperer,” has been training dogs for over 40 years, and using positive training techniques for about 30 years. A few weeks ... Turning to books, we have Zak George's 2016 release.

Why Lawyers and Judges are Saving the World - HuffPost
It's no secret that we live in scary, uncertain times. These past few months, I cringe almost every time I read the news: The Paris Climate Agreement. The Immigration Ban. The Russia Probe. At times, it really seems things are perpetually getting worse.

Tips For Training Two Dogs At One Time [VIDEO]
Do you have two dogs that both need training? It can seem impossible to train two dogs ... both dogs will be listening to you and following your commands. Expert dog trainer Zak George is going to give you some great tips on how to get both pups listening.

An Interview with Zak George
From training dogs to bowl, to gently persuading them to take out the garbage, to developing extreme Frisbee as a canine sport, Zak has shattered conventional perceptions. In his television broadcasts, lectures, and videos he continues to demonstrate what.

Zak George’s Dog Training Contributions
Zak George may be a newcomer to the dog training world, but he’s been widely popular with pet parents since he began creating free dog training videos on his YouTube channel. In the videos, he shows pet owners how to teach their dog’s polite behaviors.

What's dock diving? Twinsburg boy and his dog introduce sport to Northeast Ohio -
TWINSBURG, Ohio - It's called dock diving: a sport in which dogs jump for height and distance into a pool. And a Twinsburg boy and his dog , Duke, are racking up national awards, beating their personal best at every event. In June, Duke and his family.

Michigan and Zak Irvin hoping to flip Indiana's Crisler rout - Detroit Free Press
“They got hot and it was really just over at that point,” U-M co-captain Zak Irvin recalled. “We learned a lot from ... “I like the dog in him — I mean that from a positive standpoint — he will embrace his challenge with whoever we assign him to.

Why you need to be at this week's NEWaukee Night Market -
I've called the Night Market the best weeknight event in Milwaukee. I love it – the people, the buzz, the energy, the Avenue. It's awesome. Walk up Wisconsin Avenue as it begins and you'll see 64-year-old guys in suits, 20-year-olds in jeans and kids.

Southlake Police Investigating Daytime Home Invasion - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
There's a sense of peace and privacy on the tree-lined drives. But all that shattered for Hanon, when a stranger came knocking Tuesday afternoon. "Nicely dressed, comes to my front door with flyers, looking for his mother's lost dog ," Hanon said.

Cesar Millan's Animal Cruelty Investigation Is a Wake Up Call for Dog Trainers
David Mech explains in my upcoming book, Zak George's Dog Training Revolution. Those leadership roles ... As I demonstrate in every video on my YouTube channel, we need to teach our dogs to think for themselves and behave a certain way because they want.

Former Breeders' Stakes champ finding the stable life at last - Toronto Star
And a friend, a man who had once sold her a car and whose dog she had adopted when he went to county jail, a man she had continued to talk to and had visited in prison, had an idea. He could hook her up with someone looking for prescription drugs.